CSA Media Talks #1 


Hate content: how to effectively regulate social networks?

1st July 2020 / 12:00-14:00

The agenda of the first CSA Media Talk is dedicated  to the stake of regulating social networks such as Facebook and Twitter as regards hate content.

“CSA Media Talks”, is a 100% digital project. A space for discussion to trigger debates on tomorrows’ stakes as regards media regulation.

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School Cyberstalking, homophobic statements, outpouring of hatred…Social networks and other online content sharing platforms (Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, etc.) are too often at the epicentre of controversies. Between respecting freedom of expression and protecting other citizens’ rights through adapted regulation as an acknowledged necessity, what is the appropriate level of platforms’ liability regime given their role and weight in society ?

Do the current European legal framework and the self-regulatory measures already put in place by the  social networks (moderation, reporting procedures, etc) allow to efficiently fight against the illegal content phenomenon?

On this issue, the CSA.Be is providing its own opinion: the Authority made a recent submission in a public Guidance note. Other initiatives have been taken in Germany and in France notably and there are ongoing reflections at European Union level, including in the public consultation on the Digital Services Act package that the European Commission launched a few weeks ago.   

Through this first “CSA Media Talks”, the CSA.Be is providing you with a critical overview of the current situation on this issue. This event will gather several below mentioned guest speakers who will put the spotlight on some tangible paths which can be considered today for fighting illegal content on the internet. Presentations will be made either in English or in French.   

Join the online meeting on Wednesday 1st July starting at 12:00 until 14:00

Schedule : Wednesday 1 July / 12:00 – 14:00

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Introductory remarks


Dr. Mark David COLE 

The European stakes of an appropriate regulation of web giants: Facebook, Twitter and al.

?Moderator : Bernardo Herman 


Frédéric BOKOBZA

The French experience – the Avia law, the CSA responsibilities – and the ERGA perspective

?Moderator : Samy Carrere 



The German experience :  the NetzDG law, enforcement, observations and evolutions

?Moderator : Olivier Hermanns



The CSA.be initiative as regards the regulation of online content sharing platforms



Saba Parsa

Saba Parsa

Vice-chair of the Belgian CSA

Karim Ibourki

Karim Ibourki

President of the Belgian CSA and Vice-chair ERGA

Photo : Olivier Polet



Professor University of Luxembourg Institute of European Media Law (EMR)

Photo: (c) Michel Brumat & University of Luxembourg

Peter Matzneller

Peter Matzneller

Consultant Legal and European Affairs, Die Mediananstalten

Frédéric Bokobza

Frédéric Bokobza

Deputy Director General, CSA France

Photo : CSA France


Samy Carrere

Samy Carrere

Head of Unit Networks & Distribution of the Belgian CSA

Bernardo Herman

Bernardo Herman

Director of European Affairs of the Belgian CSA

Olivier Hermanns

Olivier Hermanns

Legal Advisor, Networks & Distribution Unit of the Belgian CSA


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