The Action plan for diversity and equality in the audiovisual media was launched in March 2010 by the Minister for Culture, Audiovisual Media, Health and Equal Opportunities of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, Fadila Laanan. Funded over a period of three years, the plan entrusted the Conseil supérieur de l’audiovisuel (CSA), the regulatory authority for audiovisual media in French-speaking Belgium, with the task of implementing and co-ordinating the two lines of action on which it is based: the annual publication of a Barometer of equality and diversity and the annual publication of an Inventory of good practices in the audiovisual media of the Wallonia-Brussels Federation.The impetus provided by the three Barometers and Inventories of equality and diversity and the CSA’s acknowledged expertise in this field have led the authorities to extend this approach to the media portrayal of two specific social categories: young people and homosexuals.